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n March 2013, SmileOnU is the result of a moving and inspirational encounter I had with a homeless man named Jon. After spending years suffering under the influence of drugs and alcohol, Jon checked into sober living. He recovered from his addictions, and then went on to become a counselor for recovering addicts. Jon did all this as a toothless adult.

I met Jon while working as a sales representative for an oral surgery supply company.

I was touched by Jon’s perseverance, strength and dedication to turning his life around, and wanted to help him get a new smile to go with his new life. I reached out to the many oral surgeons I had met through my job and found one willing to serve Jon as a hardship case. Unfortunately, Jon passed away before the surgery could be performed. Jon’s passing saddened me, but also inspired me to find a way to help others like him; individuals working to make a better life, yet hindered by a lack of proper oral care.

I soon discovered that I was not the only one interested in helping individuals like Jon.

Fueled by the outpouring of support from dentists, dental lab’s and others, SmileOnU was born. Since 2013, it has been both a pleasure and an honor to give those in need the gift of a smile.

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BB Maboby was born in a refugee camp in Thailand from parents of Pakistani and Cambodian descent. At ten-months old BB and her family moved to the states where she grew up in Chicago, IL. BB graduated from California State University Long Beach with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Rhetoric (2009) and went on to work as an oral surgery representative here in California. She now dedicates all of her time to the mission of SmileOnU.

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